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  • 100% Natural
  • No dyestuff used in construction.
  • Ideal for frequent drying skin. Provides natural and organic essential skin care.
  • It is effective in preventing the wrinkles in the initial stage, in a natural and healthy way. It reveals the glow of the essence of your skin, helping your youth to reflect your energy.
  • It was formed by combining plants with anti-aging activity at the right rate. Organic and strong. Meet the most natural of taking precautions against wrinkles that are just beginning.


    It provides effective maintenance and repair against wrinkles on the skin, without any harmful chemical contact to your body.


Active ingredients: Myrrh, Argan Oil, Cypress, Turmeric, Kaaba, Lavender, Lime, Pomegranate seed, Coconut, Vitamin E, Black currant, Chamomile- -   - No SLS 

- No Parabens

- No Phthalates

- No Scent

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